Maintainer Object

In order to add information to the IRR, a customer must obtain a maintainer-object. This maintainer-object links all other types of objects that may be registered in the routing-registry pertaining to a specific customer and their route-policy.

The maintainer-object contains several fields pertaining to the customer's company and the individuals in controlof the route-policy (typically the network administrator). The field mntner: contains the maintainer ID. This maintainer ID is contained in the mnt-by: of all other object types (route-object, AS-Macro, aut-num) associated to the customer and their route-policy.

A sample maintainer-object (preferred format):

   mntner:      MAINT-AS1234
   descr:       Company's Name
   admin-c:     AC1
   tech-c:      TC1
   auth:        MAIL-FROM
   mnt-by:      MAINT-AS1234
   changed: 20080214
   source:      BBOI
* Note that you do not need to add the date code on the changed line. It will be automatically populated on change.


Note: Only the BBOI IP Admin can add a new maintainer to the registry. To request a new maintainer object, send it to
mntner:             [mandatory]  [single]     [primary/look-up key]
descr:              [mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
admin-c:            [mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
tech-c:             [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
upd-to:             [mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-nfy:            [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
auth:               [mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
remarks:            [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
notify:             [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-by:             [mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
auth-override:      [optional]   [single]     [ ]
referral-by:        [optional]   [single]     [inverse key]
changed:            [mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
source:             [mandatory]  [single]     [ ]

Attribute descriptions

mntner: The name of a maintainer object. Must be an unique mntner name. This is assigned by BBOI to make sure it is unique. Customer may suggest one and it will be granted as long as it is available.

descr: A short description of this object. All characters are possible. The description field may span multiple lines, either with or without labels.

admin-c: An on-site contact (person), represented by (NIC-handle), which links to a person object.

tech-c: A technical contact (person), represented by (NIC-handle), which links to a person object.

upd-to: The e-mail address to be notified when an object protected by a mntner is unsuccessfully updated.

mnt-nfy: The e-mail address (in RFC-822 format) to be notified when an object protected by a mntner is successfully updated.

auth: The type of authentication used when changing an object registered under this maintainer, followed by the details. The type may be MAIL-FROM (followed by a valid RFC-822 formatted email address) or CRYPT-PW (followed by a unix crypted password). Each auth field must contain its own auth: label. We Do Not Recommend MAIL-FROM. remarks: General remarks. Can include a URL or RFC822 email address (preceded by mailto:) - may span multiple lines, either with or without multiple remarks: labels.

notify: The e-mail address to which notifications of changes to an object should be sent (RFC-822 format).

mnt-by: The identifier of a registered maintainer object used for authorization and authentication. A reference to its own mntner label.

changed: The e-mail address of the person who previously changed this object

source: The identifier of the database that contains authoritative data for this object. This should be BBOI (in upper case) for all BBOI maintainers.

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