Person Object

A person-object provides contact information for the person listed. A maintainer object references the person-object nic-hdl. A person-object needs created by BBOI when access to the IRR is requested as referenced in the maintainer.

A sample person-object (preferred format):

   person:      Bugs Bunny
   address:     Office
                1 Street Drive
                Nashville, TN 37211
   phone:       +1 615 555 1212
   fax-no:      +1 615 555 1212
   nic-hdl:     AAA-ARIN
   mnt-by:      MAINT-AS1234
   source:      BBOI
**NOTE - Date code on changed line is automatically populated via the IRR software.


person:        	[mandatory]  [single]     [lookup key]
address:       	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
phone:         	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
fax-no:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
e-mail:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [lookup key]
nic-hdl:       	[mandatory]  [single]     [primary/look-up key]
remarks:       	[optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
notify:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-by:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
changed:       	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
source:        	[mandatory]  [single]     [ ]

Attribute Descriptions

person: The full name of an administrative, technical or zone contact person specified in another object. Do not use titles such as"Dr.", "Prof.", "Ms.", "Mr.", etc. The format is (Personal Name) (Family Name) where each name is composed of alphabetic characters only, separated by a space.

address: The full postal address of the person in question. The address may span multiple lines, each of which may optionally contain the address: label.

phone: Telephone number of the person. + (Country Code)(Area Code)(Phone Number) + (Country Code)(Area Code)(Phone Number) ext. (number)

Optional: spaces may be used to split up the phone number into its constituent components. "." characters can also be used between to separate the digits.

fax-no: The fax number of the person. + (Country Code) (Area Code) (Fax Number)

e-mail: The RFC-822 formatted e-mail address of the person.

nic-hdl: The NIC handle of a role or person object.

remarks: General remarks. Can include an URL or RFC822 email address (preceded by mailto:) - may span multiple lines, either with or without multiple remarks: labels.

notify: The RFC-822 formatted e-mail address to which notifications of changes to an object should be sent. Multiple notify attributes may be specified (all of whom will be notified) - each notify line must be preceded by the notify: label. (RFC-822 address)

mnt-by: The identifier of a registered maintainer object used for authentication.

changed: Who previously changed this object. (RFC822 e-mail address) E-mail address of person updating the object.

source: The identifier of the database containing authoritative data for this object. This should be BBOI (in upper case) for all BBOI maintainers.

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