Route6 Object

Once you have submitted your maintainer object and it has been added to the registry you are free to update any object within the Routing Registry for which you are authorized to do so.

Route6 Objects must be in the registry before BBOI will accept IPv6 routes from the customer. Route6 objects in the registry will update network routers usually within a few hours.

The registry uses "exact match". If the customer registers an aggregate (and that's what we encourage), then that's what they have to announce. A sample Route6 Object (preferred format):

route6:        	4000:567f::/32
descr:        	ACME IPv6 block
origin:       	AS1234
mnt-by:       	MAINT-AS1234
source:       	BBOI

Object Template

route6:         	[mandatory]  [single]     [primary/look-up key]
descr:         	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
origin:        	[mandatory]  [single]     [primary/inverse key]
holes:          [optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
member-of:      [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
inject:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
aggr-mtd:      	[optional]   [single]     [ ]
aggr-bndry:     [optional]   [single]     [ ]
export-comps:   [optional]   [single]     [ ]
components: 	[optional]   [single]     [ ]
remarks:       	[optional]   [multiple]   [ ]
cross-mnt:     	[optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
cross-nfy:     	[optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
notify:        	[optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-lower:      [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-routes:     [optional]   [multiple]   [inverse key]
mnt-by:        	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [inverse key]
changed:       	[mandatory]  [multiple]   [ ]
source:        	[mandatory]  [single]     [ ]

Attribute Descriptions

route6: An IPv6 route being announced (classless prefix length representation): (IP number)/(prefix length)

descr: A short description of this object. All characters are possible. The description field may span multiple lines, either with or without labels.

origin: The origin attribute is the AS number of the AS that originates the route into the inter-AS system. (Required syntax is "AS" followed by number.)

holes: The holes attribute lists the component address prefixes which are not reachable through the aggregate route (perhaps that part of the space is unallocated). The holes attribute comprises a comma-separated list of networks, which may occur on multiple lines (with a single tag) e.g.

holes: 4000:567f:15:32::/48, 4000:567f:17:32::/48

remarks: General remarks. Can include an URL or RFC822 email address (preceded by mailto:) - may span multiple lines, either with or without multiple remarks: labels.

notify: The e-mail address to which notifications of changes to an object should be sent (RFC-822 format).

mnt-by: The identifier of a registered maintainer object used for and authentication. changed: Who previously changed this object and when this change was made. (RFC822 e-mail address) E-mail address of person updating the object.

source: The identifier of the database containing authoritative data for this object. This should be BBOI (in upper case) for all BBOI maintainers.

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