How to use the IRR

  1. Create a Maintainer Object with associated Person Object(s)
  2. Create Route Objects for your prefixes
  3. Create an AS-SET Object for your downstreams (Optional)

You have to have a maintainer in order to work with objects. Suggested is to use PGP or at least a crypt password for that maintainer.

Create objects for your own routes in the database. Once you verify that your objects are in place, contact anyone with proxy objects to have them removed.

Optionally, create an AS-SET that contains any downstream AS #s as well as your own. You will use this AS-SET with your upstream providers to update filters. You will also need to proxy register any prefixes of your downstreams that do not also do irr.

So, I register MY-MAINT and MY-TECH entries for my AS 1234. This will allow me to maintain objects. Now, I register, and objects as belonging to my AS. If I have no bgp downstream customers, I'm finished, and my upstreams can simply use AS1234 to get my information.

If I have downstream customers, I register MY-AS-SET that includes AS1234 as well as any downstream AS23456. I also proxy register any AS23456 routes for them. Instead of using my AS1234, any upstream providers will now use MY-AS-SET to update filters.

From this point on, if I need to add a downstream customer or just a route, I can add it to the irr database and simply ask my upstreams to update with that information.

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